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"The New Indonesia: Big Changes?"
Fascinating insight into the ramifications and leadership challenges of the recent Presidential election by one of HICHAM's own Directors, Dr Ronny Adhikarya.

ICCE 2013.
Indonesian Conference and Cultural Event 2013. More information click here.

The Hawaii Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (“HICHAM”) was formed by business and political leaders based in Honolulu with experience or ties to Indonesia. It now boasts internationally-recognized experts on Indonesia based in Jakarta, Washington, D.C. and Honolulu on its Board of Directors.

The mission of the Chamber, being set-up as an IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, is to:

(1) Facilitate business, trade, and investment between American (whether based in Hawaii or on the U.S. Mainland) companies and entrepreneurs and their Indonesian counterparts;

(2) Advise the Federal and State governments as well as the U.S. Congress and Hawaii State Legislature on issues relating to business with Indonesia; and,

(3) Promote and encourage Indonesian culture and arts in Hawaii.

In pursuit of this mission HICHAM will assist American businesses in connecting and getting underway in Indonesia. The Chamber conducts seminars, programs, and trainings to promotion the opportunities afforded by doing business in Indonesia. In addition, HICHAM intends to undertake educational programs to assist American executives, managers and staff, to upgrade their skills for future operations in Indonesia.

The Chamber also assists Indonesian companies, executives, and entrepreneurs who have an interest in doing business in the United States. HICHAM will act as a “connector,” including organizing educational programs and training for Indonesian executives and managers seeking to upgrade their skills and understanding as to how to do business in the United States or in Hawaii.

More broadly, the Chamber will host and support activities and programs of Indonesian students and students of Indonesia in Hawaii, and will encourage these students along with the general public, to attend HICHAM programs having a broader focus than the business sector. These programs will include, lectures and seminars on foreign policy developments in Southeast Asia, NGO development and assistance projects in the Asia-Pacific region, film showings of Southeast Asian filmmakers, cultural fairs (together with cultural exchanges), lectures and presentations on Indonesia and Southeast Asia, etc.

In conducting its program and activities, HICHAM will cooperate actively with other organizations, both in Hawaii and elsewhere in the United States as well as Indonesia, that share its vision, mission and values.

Radio Show Program Description :
June 4, 2011 - ThinkTech Radio's "Asia in Review" with contributing host David Day, guests General Darryll Wong, Commanding Officer of the Hawaii National Guard, Amin Leiman, President and CEO of the Hawaii Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Dr. James Campbell of the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies-- discussing Indonesia's global leadership potential and its business implications. Click Here.

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